I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts to get our Mini fixed. My Grandson is delighted with the new stripes, he said it is like having a new car. It is such a pleasure to find people that will go the extra mile to make their customers happy.You provide a level of care you seldom see these days. You guys are the best and rest assured I will be sending customers your way. Thanks again and continued success....William Nance

How in the World did I buy 2 cars in two weeks? This is not what I had in mind a month a go. I didn't even want to buy one car!What the Heck, I decided to make my girls happy. I think I succeeded. Anyway you guys made the last couple of weeks a great experience. We are so pleased with the vehicles we purchased and the great deals we got.But we are even more pleased with the new friends we have made.I plan to send more friends your way and will keep in touch.

I have purchased three vehicles from this store and each time it's nice and easy. I have wasn't sure about the size of an SUV I was looking at and they told to go drive it around and take it to lunch to make sure I was okay with it. Every time I call someone always answers my call, the best part is being family owned and operated they now me by name! I have purchased over 25 cars in my life and would say this is my preferred dealer.

Geoff, I first off want to thank you guys for being so professional and helpful. It is a rare thing these days to have someone stand behind their product and do the right thing. Kerry and I really appreciate it. Looking for a 2007 Tahoe and would like to buy it from you guys. Thanks again and keep up the Good Work.

YOU ALL ARE GOOD PEOPLE!!!!! As long as you all are in the car business, no matter where I am, I will come back to you. You all make me feel like a human being and not just someone that can help meet a quota, and once that quota is met, forget whoI am. I brag about my experience buying my jeep to folks all the time and I tell them where you are located. I hope some of them come to see you sometime. I'll keep bragging!

I have purchased three vehicles from Harris Cars over the past several years, two of which I am still driving. I love the fact that they treat me like I'm a friend. Last year I stopped in and told them I would be looking for a truck in a few months. When I was ready to buy it, I talked to them again, about what I would be using it for and what make I was interested in, as well as accessories, and what I wanted to pay. Within a week, they called to let me know they had found one that met my requirements, and they uploaded the photos so I could take a look. Needless to say, I stopped in after work and checked it out and ended up driving it home. It wasn't one of the colors I preferred but after seeing the same truck in those colors, I like mine much better. You guys made it so easy and stress free. From the time I said I wanted to buy it, it seems like minutes, and I was ready to ride. I will NEVER go anywhere else to buy a vehicle." A CUSTOMER FOREVER

Thank you so much for making our car purchase yesterday such a pleasant experience. We appreciate the time you spent with us throughout the week answering our many questions and for handling our purchase in such a professional manner from the moment we set foot on the car lot. We love the Volvo. It drove home like a breeze. I am sure we will enjoy it for many years to come.

I would definitely do business with Harris Cars Inc. again. The price was right and the vehicle was as described when I arrived. Thanks

We just wanted to say thank you for all you have did to make this possible for my son. He has been away very long and it won't be long before he will have his car. Thank you for the time you put in working with him thru email and with me

Hey everyone, Can't say in words how awesome this truck is. I stopped in at my sister's CPD station and there they have the repair shop for all the police vehicles. Needless to say the whole repair shop stopped working to come out to see Chicago's finest BIGFOOT. Having a blast and loving it.

It's been a pleasure buying this car from you. We've already taken a road trip and shown off the new car to our family. I wanted to thank you again for how easy you made our buying experience. I told some friends about how upfront and honest you are, you might be getting a couple of calls from them. Thanks again!

Thanks for helping us out with everything. I may be in the market for a small truck in the spring. I’m definitely going to you guys first. I have bought 10 cars in the past 8 years and you have given me the best buying experience hands down! Just wanted you to know How Much You Guys ROCK!